How To Reduce Fat On Upper Arms?

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Hi FitBuzzers

How to reduce fat on upper arms?

This is a question that pops up quite a lot in Fit

Buzz world. Most recently from FitBuzzer Melba


Of course, the best way is to focus on strength

training AND HIIT cardio (At a reduced frequency

to not compromise lean muscle gains). The 

specialization program teaches you how to do 


But the ultimate way would be to become friends

with the pull up bar and the exercises that support

the pull up, such as barbell rows and bench press.

Yes, compound movements win ‘all around’. But

most compound movements are associated with

targeting a primary muscle group (Squats > Legs)

And the pull up exercise along with it’s other 

variations of exercises will help you kill that upper

arm fat. Which can make your back/arms look like


>>> Epic arms and back

I KNOW many fit buzz ladies don’t do pull ups or the 

related exercises to that movement. But Fit Buzz ladies 

are also Go-getters. That I know for sure. And just like

I said in yesterdays Instagram update (shauntls)

”It truly is a wonderful thing when you show and teach

someone how to break through a closed/limited mindset

barrier and watch them flyyyyy!!!” Aka YOU!!

And I’ve taught many, guys and gals. So if it’s the upper

body that’s in need of a shred, the Fit Buzz Pull ups 

program will help to fix that. Oh, and here’s that video

of me again. The one where I perform 20 pull ups in 

one set.

CLICK HERE to see Mr.FitBuzz fly over the bar into space 🙂

Guys, you CAN get to 20! Ladies… it’s not required

in order to kill upper arm fat, so no worries.

P.S Watch out for tomorrows email where I reveal a 

surprising yet killer exercise for abs.


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