How To Last Longer... (In Your Workouts That Is... :-D)


OK, OK, sexual innuendoes are inappropriate of me. Or are they? :O


But seriously, one of the issues that many FitBuzzers have, is wiping

out too early in the workout. Meaning that they never experience the 

full benefits of any of the Fit Buzz workouts. But that will no longer be

an issue from today onwards.


The solution?


Focus on your ‘During workout’ nutrition.


Today’s ‘during workout’ recipe to be specific….




Well, there is so much emphasis to provide your body with effective

post workout nutrition in order to reduce muscle loss and repair

muscle as quickly as possible. But why wait?


Some recent research has already been done in the past few years

that show that supplementing during exercise can help prevent 

muscle break-down even further.


During your workout, your body will go for your muscle tissue for

protein, in order to keep fueling your efforts while you workout.


We need to work to prevent that… with the following formula.





  • BCAA Powder:  10 g  

  • Maltodextrin: 20 g 

  • Caffeine Anhydrous:  200 mg 

  • L-Carnosine: 500 mg 

  • L-Glutamine:  5 g 

  • Potassium Bicarbonate:  1 g 

  • 1⁄4 Sugar-Free Powdered Drink Mix

  • 1⁄4 cup sugar substitute  (Splenda can do the trick)

  • 1 liter bottle filled 3⁄4 with water 





    Blend, add ice, sip throughout your workout.


    Ingredient explanation


    BCAA Powder


    To prevent muscle loss and satisfy your bodies hunger for protein





    To add a slow digestive stream of carbs. Not the fast type that will 

    end up zapping you. The more carbs you have available that can 

    be used to feed your body, the more amino acids that can be shifted 

    over to the muscle-building recovery process, rather than being 

    used for energy. 


    Caffeine Anhydrous


    This supplement dissolves a little slower than generic caffeine 

    tablets. But feel free leave this out if you still perceive ‘caffeine as 

    the enemy.




    Provides an extra boost for muscle metabolism (This will aid you on 

    your attempts to master the Fit Buzz super rep). Also, both of these 

    get used up during intense exercise. So it’s time to fuel up to make 

    you last longer.





    For some mighty electromagnetic energy. Because that gets used 

    up too.



    Remember, supplements are just that. ‘Supplements’. They won’t

    be needed if you’re a newbie FitBuzzer. But we’re talking about

    building that 99% physique here. You’re going to need that extra 

    advanced help from time to time. This is one effective way to help 

    you get there.


    Last longer FTW.






    I’ll continue the ‘How To Read Food Labels Properly’ for fat in 

    tomorrows email.




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