Hi FitBuzzers


Fit Buzz will always try new and exciting things

within the core formula of all things ‘Fit Buzz’.

I mean, that’s taking a leaf out of my own book.

Which is to help you create that 99% physique.

Because the reason you are here is because

you want MORE. You want to look extra special.

And the Fit Buzz formula as a whole will get you



Now, one thing that I am going to introduce in

every email is to encourage some general

Q & A responses from yourself. That already

started this week. Here is one question that I

received from FitBuzzer Heather Thompson.


How to kill sugar cravings?





No typical dieting


When your body goes into starvation mode, this

triggers increased appetite and cravings in an

attempt to get you to eat more food. Hence why

I created the (FREE) Lifestyle Diet ebook (I’m

currently improving this ebook based on a few

recent FitBuzzer requests/feedback).


More fat and protein combo meals


There is a strong concentration on this in this

weeks meal plan update. However, you must eat

these foods at the right times so that you don’t gain

unnecessary fat…. (Typically all times after mid-day

until bed time – If you’re trying to shred).


Frequent eating helps…


Don’t eat too many fast digesting sweet carbs

(This causes hypoglycemia) Which can lead to



Have cheat days! 


A diet too clean will turn you crazy. Again,

why the Lifestyle Diet ebook was created.


Watch the company you keep


This is a very basic tip and I don’t intend to tell

you who to be friends with. But you really are

heavily influenced by those who you are surrounded

by the most. If your peers constantly party, drink

beer and eat fast food, then you’ll eventually do

the same. There’s a reason why your elders didn’t

want you to be friends with (Name of culprit here)

as a kid :).



If you have any questions that you would like

answered, that you feel are not being answered in

any emails I send, simply send a reply. I will

ALWAYS reply back!


And be sure to join on any social platforms if you

use instagram/Facebook/Pinterest, as there’s a

lot of fun going on there too.


To all of our 99% bodies and beyond …







The Fit Buzz programs to help you get strong, lean and sexy:


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#2 Meal plans and workouts for abs

#3 Fit Buzz Pull ups program

#4 Budget Foods for Abs

#5 Unique Bodyweight Exercises

#6 Guide To Necessary Supplementation



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