How To Increase The Effects Of Your Cardio By 300 Percent!

Hi FitBuzzers

You all know the Fit Buzz formula:

Get strong, lean and sexy with the 3 keys:

1) Nutrition

2) Weight/Strength training

3) Cardio

Now, cardio, in the general sense is not hot on the Fit Buzz

radar (Strength/Weight Training and Nutrition is) but there

is one way to include cardio workouts into your regime

that can result in a fat loss increase of up to 300%!


Yup… that’s right. And you do that by…..

Doing your cardio workouts in the morning… on an empty



I know, the first thing that you are thinking is that you’re going

to destroy your lean muscle gains. But here’s the thing…

Despite the saying that ‘too much cardio will kill your muscles

(And your ‘pump’)’, it’s actually very unlikely that you’ll kill your

lean muscle gains from doing too much cardio. If you are losing

lean muscle, or those hard, sexy curves, it’s because your eating

regime is all screwed up.

This, I can tell you is the truth, as I’ve been a guinea pig for the past

11 months or so. You see, I have a high metabolism and it’s

very easy to blame my lack of desired results on my workout.

But the truth is, it all comes down to nutrition on why I don’t look

the way I want to look at any given time. It will be the same for

you too. So unless you’re stick thin, switch to morning cardio

workouts to give your fat loss results a mighty boost.

Yes, it’s controversial, but if you have a BF% of 20% and above,

try it (Regardless of which Fit Buzz program you’re on) because

it works.

Here’s some reasons why:

Elevated metabolism

When you workout, your metabolism will be slightly raised and will

remain that way for a good several hours thereafter. Which means

that the only way to take advantage of this is by getting your workout

done in the early hours of the day. The reason you can’t do this in the

evening, is because your  metabolic rate drops (by a lot) when you fall


It’s a good way to wake you up

And will keep you happy and energetic for the rest of the day.

No one likes a moody old grump.

It makes waking up easier (Seriously, it does)

You’re more likely to do your workout

Whenever you hit a plateau, it’s because you are continuously

skipping training days, not working out hard enough or

because your nutrition is all screwed up. The workout is the

trigger for fat loss results. Your days are busy, get the workout

out of the way first thing and it’ll be one less thing to worry about

for the rest of the day.

Low glycogen levels

It is true that you’re on a fast when you sleep. But that fast won’t

affect you as much as you think it will. Especially if you feed your

self the way I state to in the meal plan program. So doing a 30 minute

HIIT cardio session on an empty stomach can cause some serious

fat burning.

Less insulin

Insulin messes about with the mobilization of fat. Insulin is only

activated when you eat. If you don’t eat, you’ll be able to burn more fat.

Less carbs

If you have less carbs in your body before you workout, you’ll

burn more fat. And of course, you won’t have to worry about burning

off what you eat in the morning. Because you won’t. You’ll have an

empty stomach.

Now, you’ll want to

– Avoid excessive cardio (30 minutes max)

– You could drink coffee (To make a shift to fat burning instead of


– Follow all nutritional info from the meal plans program

– Keep on following the Fit Buzz formula of strength training,

nutrition and cardio (combined).

Again, unless you’re a twig and stick thin, try some morning cardio.

Because Fit Buzz has already prepared your regime so that you don’t

over-do lean muscle burning (Which is actually a constant process

that is happening as we speak, called protein turnover).



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