Fixing Your Food Mindset/Adding Variety

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Hi FitBuzzers
Another week where a newbie fixes their diet… 🙂 I was in the locker room of one the local gyms that I trainin last week, and I bumped into a colleague/FitBuzzer, as you do.
And the first thing he was complaining about was his lack of results (His goal is to get lean). He simply couldn’t get why his results weren’t coming. I mean, I’ve seen this guy train pretty hard.
After analysing his lifestyle, it was pretty clear what he was wrong.
[ – ] He would eat heavy carb meals throughout the entire day.
[ – ] He would routinely skip breakfast (After a night of boxing sessions, without a full meal to follow!)
[ – ] And for the most part, he would just eat anything, as long as he ate something. Because as far as he was concerned, he just had to feed his body, with no regard to food types, timing or rest.
Thankfully, I corrected him on the spot. And for the next half hour or so, I taught him everything that I’ve been teaching you over the past few months about how to structure your meals.
[+] Lean proteins
[+] Starchy carbs
[+] Fibrous carbs

(In short… As you know) So unlike my FitBuzzer colleague there, your goal now is to ensure that you get ‘variety’ into your meals.

And today is where we’re going to go variety crazy on raw whole foods, because as you know, food is best eaten in it’s natural state, which usually results in…
  • More energy
  • Improved body composition
  • Glowing skin
  • Greater mental clarity
  • Improved athletic performance
  • And much more….

However, whole foods in general can tend to be somewhat boring. And the goal is to retrain your taste buds to no longer crave nutrient void foods.

The way to move forward for the long term is by focusing on ‘variety and rotation’.I provide you with the core formula for creating meals to help you stay
lean/build abs. But in terms of making raw plant based foods (fibrous/Starchy carb) tasty, I would give that crown to Fit Buzz colleague and professional Yuri Elkaim.
This was one area that we haven’t been able to focus on. Yet, we know that we want to give you as much variety as possible. Especially in terms
of these types of foods. So in true Fit Buzz fashion, make that good tasteless food tasty!
Just a few pointers from FitBuzzer Yuris guide (Because it’s a massive packed 359 pages)
[+] 12 week meal plan (Tasty raw food types)
[+] The recipe guide
[+] The smoothie and juice guide
[+] Make raw chocolate!
[+] Rare Super nutrient foods (Just like those I spoke about in ‘Special foods for fat loss)
Remember, these are meals and ideas to add to your existing Fit Buzz meal plans. As these specialize in a certain aspect of the foods that make up your meal plans. They’re not designed to make up all of the meals you eat (But they can be for a period of time, if you want them to be).
If you are not on the meal plan series, then simply send over your ‘ON’ number/Date that you receive from the program and I’ll put you on the list for FREE.
I thought I’d give you a few snap shots of some of those recipes, as I was trying some out last night after my evening workout…
Enjoy FitBuzzers