Fitbugger Progress Pics

Fitbugger Zorica Nalbantjan

Let’s welcome Zorica Nalbantjan Fitbuggers…

This is Zorica during pregnancy and after.These were taken when she was 6 months pregnant and by the end of the pregnancy she gained 20kg. It’s simple really. She just had a goal and did what she had to do to reach it…


Fitbugger Dede

It’s ALL natural with Dede…



Fitbugger Brian Monila

Fitbugger Bella

Bella lost 145 pounds, the right way, nutrtion, cardio, weights. She focused on herself and lost the weight, all while in school and working a full time job, NO EXCUSES ! She is still working on getting leaner and building more muscle with the help of FBA motivation… and the rest.


Fitbugger Aliya Cass

Aliya started off as a very early Fitbugger . At a young age too. Which is important. Because did you know that once you reach 18 years old your fast twitch muscle fibers start to fade away, UNLESS… you maintain them with intense/moderate activity.



Fitbugger Alejandro Rodriguez

This is Alejandro from Argentina (before) in summer 2010 and (after) in summer 2011. All we have to do now is wait to see his new Fitbugger progress for summer 2012.

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