Fit Buzz Crazy Abs BONUS Video #2 - ''6 Myths About Building Abs''


OK, now that we have the myths out of the way, let’s focus on an efficient way to build your abs in record time!
Now, you will get quicker results working your abs from three specific positions in each of your workouts for maximum efficiency of effort:

1) Start with a compound exercise, such as knee lifts (raise your knees to chest level!).

2) Follow with an exercise that provides a rectus abdominis stretch to enhance fiber recruitment and training range of motion.

3) Isolate your abs and force them to work in a fully contracted position.

 Knee lifts 2 x 10


Stretch cable crunches with low-back support 2 x 10


Contracted crunches (three-second hold at the top of each rep) 1-2 x 10



Abs Bicycle Exercise

Beginner 2 x 10 reps

Intermediate 3 x 20 reps

Advanced 4 x 20-30 reps

Your full exercise program for your abs is just 2-3 exercises long Fitbuzzers!

But remember, the focus for these is to build a strong core! Abs is mostly about the diet! Drink less six packs if you want a 6 pac!

 (Aim for single digits if you want your abs to show. I say show because you already have them. Fat is just in the way).

Gradually lower your calories by cutting 100 to 200 calories from your daily intake every three weeks and/or add cardio. That’s how you really get your abs to show. Once you hit single digit body fat percentages, your abs will show. If you want those lower abs that everyone seems to be after, then your body fat levels will need to drop to 5% and under. For most that will mean even more small calorie cuts every two to three weeks until your daily calories are in the 2,000 range. But again, maintaining that level of body fat isn’t really sustainable long term. And even if it is, for those of you who are superbuggers. It won’t look like that all of the time.

Now, there are those rare cases where ones bodyfat level is still unacceptable. Even after cutting all of those calories. If so, you’ll have to add more (fun) cardio activity and/or fat-burning supplements to boost your metabolism to finally get rid of that final phase fat.Here’s a conversion that we had over on Fit Buzz America about a supplement that many seem to approve of…

The conversation (On the fan page)

The supplement <=== Check it out here

And another that became popular over on Stay-Fit Buzz <=== Check it out here

The lower your bodyfat gets, the tougher it will be to continue getting leaner. But don’t give up. With persistence, consistency and the training and dieting routines outlined in this video series, your abs will come quicker and better than you can imagine, with a few eyeballs too. :). And on that final note, here’s some progress pictures of how Fitbuggers are doing >> Fitbuzzer progress pictures



The Meal Plans And Workouts For Abs


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