F***... That's S-curvishly delicious!



That’s when you got the new simple S-curve meals/structure.

That was then added as a mandatory part of the S-curve program.

That’s now the first place one should go on a tailored plan, in regards to nutrition.

But now… It’s time for an upgrade….


F***… That’s S-curvishly delicious!

(Or FREE on the S-curve monthly program – You’ll see a new tab @ current ‘active’ members)

The format

– Ingredients/Tips (Like do’s and do nots)
– Short video recipe
– Long video recipe (Shaun Sinclair ‘me’ as the voice behind the cam)
– New meals added every week

A focus on…

– Meals that fit the S-curve meal structure (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, workout nutrition)

– As always… Simple to prepare, like the chicken mayonnaise meal (10-20 minutes).

– Meals that can be cooked once, that will last for 3 days. Again, such as the chicken mayonnaise
meal (Save you time).

– Tasty S-curve meals. No protein, fat or carb focus. It’s all about the taste!

– ‘Cleaner’ cheat food Friday munchies.

– New meals added every week. You would have seen a sample of this if you follow the new
S-curve meals photo album via ‘Morebuzz’ (Like the photo above).

This is a ‘must’ feature. Because that’s the most popular album on the profile. So this is for you,
if you’ve been following/craving for those meals.

So go ahead and click the download button below to get your tongue wet. 


  F***… That’s S-curvishly delicious! 


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