Dreana month #1

Your plan for month #1

Hi Dreana

The following has been created based on the answers to your questions. A lot of what you see here is covered in the video above.

Your nutrition plan

Base nutrition plan

Which basically means you’ll be sticking to your default calorie intake.


Because you don’t don’t need to lose or gain ‘weight’… Just shred fat. This will happen by eating less fat and shredding existing fat via the S-curve workouts.

Carb tapered dinners

You’ll be doing this for a month to prevent an unwanted build up of fat. This also means no heavy starchy carbs 3-4 hours before you sleep (Potatoes, rice, pasta).

Your workout plan

The Venus workouts


Because the workout has been designed to effectively wack your butt and target your waist.

Your daily exercises

You do one of these exercises everyday day. In the morning or before bed works best… Even on your workout days.

> Bicycles exercise variation x 2
> Leg raises all angles

> Super rep squats

> The clam

Your month #2 plan will be based on where we are by week no.4.

The on-going coaching continues via Whatsapp, so I’ll see you there.