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Dreana June 2015 Plan

Hi Dreana

Your workouts

We’re not going to do a complete fat loss only regime… Yet. But we will switch your workout style as per usual.

Effective Epic Butt & Teeny Tiny Waist Split Routines

Everything is explained on the page

Your tailored daily exercises

We’re going to continue with fat loss themed exercises. But different to what you’re currently doing.

– Super rep laying knee raises (With ankle weights)
– Leg raises all angles
– Woodchoppers (Resistance band at home. Cable at the gym)
– Mountain climbers with ankle weights


Your nutrition plan

Half carb tapering

Stick to the S-curve meal structure. You’re growing your butt/shrinking your waist/back fat. So we’re going to half the amount of heavy carbs you eat in your dinner meals (Rice, potatoes, pasta…).

Also, make sure you vary your food/meals via the S-curve simple meals.