Dreana July 2015 Plan

Hi Dreana

The goal… Fat loss boost.

However… We also need to shape your S-curve/butt as you continue to shred.

Let’s go…


Your workouts

Epic Butt/Tiny Waist Bodyweight circuit


This is a ‘weighted’ (Ankle weights/bands) bodyweight circuit routine that you’ll do until failure.

It’s structured so that you shred fat, while at the same time, build/shape your butt/back/abs.

The rules are on the program page above. But you should get through 3-4 rounds every time you do a circuit routine.


Your tailored daily exercises

Again… The exercises chosen for you are based on what we need to fix on your body ‘today’.

– Hands raised mountain climbers
– Knee up (hold) > Reverse lunge
– Push up > burpee > pull up
– High tension quadruped hip extension (Failure)
– Super rep side lunge + (hold)

Watch the video above for a demonstration.


Your tailored nutrition plan

This can remain the same for now. However, going ‘precise’ can help to boost your results.

So let me know if…

#1 You’re used to the S-curve meal structure

#2 You’re ready to commit to reading food labels and counting grams/calories for 7-14 days

I’ll see you over in the chat.