Dimples Tailored Plan December 2015

Hi Dimples

Welcome to your official tailored S-curve plan.

Like I said earlier, it truly was a nice thing to realise that it was you.

Welcome back!

Now… Things have changed a lot in the past few years. What you experienced with the NNBB program was just a start.

What you see below is the start of a completely tailored (And on-going) plan.

However… A lot of what we do is more than just munching and working out effectively.

We’re talking about things like…


– Fixing your mindset

– Habit building

– Structuring everything around your daily life


Tailored daily exercises

These are exercises that you do everyday without fail. Usually when you wake up or before you go to sleep.

They are chosen based on your goal. That is of course a focus on your upper body, core and legs/butt.

*Watch the video above*


Upper = Isolation hold push up/bench press

Upper/abs = Spider crawl push ups

Abs = Super rep bicycles

(No use of your knees) Legs = Clam/Feet raised quadruped hip extension

Legs = Bodyweight super rep single leg squat


Why do we do these?

#1 To help keep you on the fitwagon on the days you can’t make it to the gym

#2 To boost the speed of your results


Your official workouts

All workouts are now done via videos. You can still get text based workouts. But it’s easier for you to just ‘follow and do’.

Many take their iPads/phones and do them in the gym.

Doing the videos at home is of course a no brainer.

Almost all workout regimes are 4-6 weeks long.

This is what your regime looks like for December 2015…


Your lower body workouts

Your upper body workouts


The first is a completely lower split workout regime. It’s the program that gets the most reports of results obtained. Also known as high frequency training… Which is how most women need to train, for the result.

The second are upper body split workouts.

Your week can look like this…

One week

Mon – Lower
Tues – Off/HIIT cardio (Optional)
Weds – Upper
Thurs – Off/HIIT cardio (Optional)
Fri – Lower

The following week

Mon – Upper
Tues – Off/HIIT cardio (Optional)
Weds – Lower
Thurs – Off/HIIT cardio (Optional)
Fri – Upper

(It’s ok to repeat the upper body workouts… More may be added).

Follow the rules on the Aphrodite Butt Building page (Lower body workouts above)


Your nutrition plan

This is also tailored. However, we have now made this as simple as possible.

You’ll get a detailed tailored nutrition plan. But not yet. This gets left out on purpose to avoid any extra confusion.

What you will get, is the simple S-curve meals doc <.

Go to the final pages to see how you will change your meals around, based on the hours you work in your job. And page 15 for high protein veggies.

The only other thing you need to focus on here is meal variety.

You just need to change your food types every few weeks.

This will make a huge difference to your results.

I’ll see you on Whatsapp, where we’ll continue our on-going 121 chat sessions.


Upper body Update


– Knees on floor push ups
– Wall push ups
– Face pull
– Pull apart
– Reverse tricep extensions

> 1 minute rest between exercises

> 1 – 2 sets to near failure on each exercise