Hi Dimple

It’s bikini season and Morocco time. It’s also time to switch plans, so let’s get into it.

Your workouts

Your first month back was all about getting you back into the groove of ‘becoming S-curvish’. Aka building an epic butt/tiny waist and S-curve.

That will continue.

However, the following workout routine is better suited to what’s happening with you right now…

– You’ll still be focusing on the same goal. But it’s more about maintaining what we have without stressing about growth.

– Ideal for a holiday month (Hotel room will work well if you can fit them in while you’re in Morocco)


The Epic butt/Tiny waist Bodyweight Circuit


Your tailored daily exercises

This may or may not be needed this month. Just let me know what your ‘life’ schedule is like this month, along with the body part(s) that bother you when you look in the mirror when you wake up.

Your nutrition plan

The best thing right now is to continue following the S-curve meal structure rules.

I’ll continue to push you in this, especially with your current/temporary falling off the fitwagon.

I’ll be updating this page/plan as we continue to work.