Deividas April 2015 plan

Your April 2015 plan

Hi Deividas

First things first…

Don’t worry about the names of the programs. They sound like they’re titled for women (They are).

But the actual training is unisex.

However… How I train you is definitely how a ‘man’ should be trained. Which is slightly different.

Also… Everything you see here is for your eyes only. Only YOU an see what’s here. It’s private , not public.


Your workouts

Effective Epic Butt & Teeny Tiny Waist Split Routines

I’ve chosen this regime as it’s a great targeted full body workout to get you back into the groove for the first month. Again, ignore the title.


Boxing… Cycling, swimming, sprinting and martial arts are great options too.

There’s a HIIT plan on your homepage area that can be applied to all of those activities.

Tailored daily exercises

These are exercises that you must do everyday. Even on the days of your ‘official’ workouts above.

– Bicycles
– Dumbbell swings
– Running on the spot
– Mountain climbers

Just ONE of those exercises everyday. They’ve been specifically chosen for your goal. At least for this first month.



The main thing to do is to follow and get used to the S-curve meal structure.

These are the meals to follow.

Your simple meals (For variety)

This… Is your official tailored nutrition plan

Your tailored nutrition plan

We’ll get more precise in the months to come. For now… You just need to ‘eat’.


Carb tapered dinners

This simply means no rice, potatoes, pasta or yams 3-4 hours before you sleep, because it can lead to an unwanted build up of fat.