OSC Member Danah Tailored Video Series

Hi Danah

The goal this month = Shred fat and feed muscle ‘faster’, WITHOUT… Drastically

cutting calories for long periods of time + Slow-go cardio.

1) Carb tapered meals

Your last full meal is probably at around 7.00 – 8.00 pm in the morning.

Whatever the time is that you sleep… Cut eating heavy carbs 3-4 hours before

you sleep (Potatoes, pasta, yams…)

2) Calorie taper your intake

This means you’ll eat most of your calories in the first half of the day… Gradually

eating less until it’s time to go to sleep. But your total calorie intake will remain the


3) The lower in fat Venus meals

On average, your current meals probably send your total daily fat intake to over

100 grams.

Your tailored daily fat in take is of course 35 grams. So that’s 2-3 times more than

what you need.

Take a look at the Venus meals/foods.

You don’t need to eat those meals every time. But a good thing to do is to look for

foods that are lower in fat… When shopping.

The foods that you already buy (Rice, wheat, oats, grains, meat), just variations of

those foods that are lower in fat.

You’ll see many examples in the Venus meals.

That’s your focus every time you eat a meal. At least for this month.

4) The calorie intake zig zag

This is something we do to give a fat loss boost, but without constantly dropping

calorie intake below the norm.

Counting calories isn’t something that gets done much after the first few weeks

from starting. So… Just do this…

For 3 days = Eat smaller (than usual) main meals throughout the day

For 1 day = Eat your normal sized meals

Repeat that cycle for all of month #2

> Aphrodite Butt Building (High reps, sets and exercise no.s)…

These are lower body split routines, so you can repeat the upper body split

routines from > Venus… But with a slightly heavier weight across all upper body


Exercises to do… Do one of these everyday whether you workout or not… on the


– Bicycle + hold + stretch + ankle weights

– Running on the spot till failure + ankle weights

– Single arm ski swings

We’ll know what to do next in 4 weeks.