OSC Member Danah Tailored Video Series

Hi Danah

So, as stated a few days ago… You do have access to everything. However, you don’t need/or need to use everything that you have access to in the first month. That would be info overload and not effective without any guidance.

So… For the first month, you’ll only need to focus on 3 things…

1) Our Skype 121 chats… Jump on there any time. I’m just on the other end to help you along.

2) Your tailored nutrition plan. For the most part, you’ll be following the meals from pages 11-20. Your calorie intake is tailored, yes. But when you eat, you eat until you’re satisfied. It won’t matter if you don’t hit your tailored calorie intake exact.

3) I’ve chosen the Venus workout program < for you.

– Targets more muscle fibers… Which means you’ll start to see muscles ‘pop’. Muscles that you didn’t even know existed

– The focus is on killing belly fat/targeting abs

– Helps to increase hip flexor flexibility… Which will help you a lot on future workouts

We’ll know what to do next after the next 28-45 days.