Crystalina Tailored S-curve Plan October 2015

Hi Crystalina

Welcome to your first month on the official S-curve Challenge!

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The goal = Lift your butt + Upper back focus + Ab focus + Arms focus


Your workouts

I’m going to put you in the most effective body changing routine for this first month. It’s a combination of high frequency training (How most women need to train and the training style that gets the most positive feedback) and split routines.

Your lower body workouts

Your upper body workouts


Your week can look like this…

One week

Mon – Lower
Tues – Upper
Weds – Lower
Thurs – Upper
Fri – Lower

The following week

Mon – Upper
Tues – Lower
Weds – Upper
Thurs – Lower
Fri – Upper


– You have bad knees
– You have specific body parts that you want to hit

So this is what you’ll do…

#1 Limit the amount of lunges, squats and deadlifts you see in those regimes. Don’t stop entirely. Just ‘limit’

#2 Your tailored daily exercises

These are exercises that you must do everyday wether you workout or not… On any given day.

The video above explains all.
But these are the exercises that you see in the video.


– A tough bicycles variation


– The super rep clam
– 45 degree

Note: These are hip extension exercises that each your butt without having to use your knees.


– Tricep extension variation
– Bicep curls

Upper back (Top of the S-curve)

– Rows variations


Your nutrition plan

Everything will get more and more precise as each month passes.

That’s how you get the best long term results.

(We’re going for the quickest possible results. You don’t have much excess body fat. So I’m anticipating ‘greatness’ with you :D).

However… We’re not going to use your tailored nutrition plan ‘yet’.

We’re simply going to focus on the S-curve meal structure ‘first’… Via the doc below.

Your simple meals (For variety)


That’s it for now...

Any changes to your plan will be updated on this page.

Month #2 and beyond?

Future months will appear where you see that ‘coming soon’ tab, above the video, should you continue on bronze/silver/gold.

I’m going to be hand holding you via Whatsapp. So let’s go there… See you there.