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As most of you know, I run the website Which is basically a copy and paste of the popular fan page that we ran for most of 2011.

The Create a Fitbuzzer program will allow fans/followers to help others become a true Fitbuzzer by using any of the Fan requested products that we have created.

  • Budget foods for abs (Version 2 $19.99)
  • Fit Buzz pull ups program (Version 2 $29.99)
  • No Nonsense Butt Building (24.99)

Note: The offer pages are up, but I’ll be improving the sales pages as I build up this program for all who join it.


Just like Agent Smith in the movie the Matrix.

There could be loads of little Fitbuzzers running around, because of you. But instead of fighting Neo, those Fitbuzzers will be fighting fat, getting shredded, sexy and strong.

What you’ll learn in this program:

  • I’ll teach you how to effectively promote the program
  • How to easily earn 80% commissions of every program that gets downloaded via your website or affiliate link
  • How to successfully build your own fitness website and following
  • Teach you my marketing methods (Can sometimes be off the wall but very ‘above board’ yet effective)

The following pages will begin to teach you how to maximize all of the above. The first post can be read HERE.

Just make sure you sign up below to ensure that you receive all of my email updates which will teach you week by week. And best of all, how we can all have fun in the community that we build here :) .


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