Clevelande Live Update Member Page 2017

Hi Clevelande

You’ve made it aware that you’re pretty much up to speed on everything. So let’s dig into your plan.

The overview

Our goal is to get you to your desired result in…

– 6-8 months
– 6-18 months
– Or 1-5 years

6-8 months can be done (If you have no ‘life’) for that time period.

6-18 month can be done, if we switch between results and lifestyle phases (Ideal).

I-5 years usually means 2-3 years for most people.

We can’t predict the future entirely. So let’s focus in the 6-18 months.

This is also a life update member page. So we’ll continuously add things as the days go pass.

Usually things that come up in our 121 chats.

Your wokouts

You’ll want to avoid slow-go 2 hour cardio sessions. As this will shrink your butt.

Instead… You’ll be doing

> S-curve bodyweight circuits for this month.

Maybe even next month too.

This will shred fat whilst shaping your S-curve.

All of the instructions are on the page.

Tailored daily exercises

These are short 2-3 minute videos, that include 3-4 exercises that have been chosen for your specific goal.

#1 Throw weight plate over knees, laying knee raises x to near failure

#2 Push up position side to side jumps x to near failure

#3 Laying 90 degree leg kicks

#4 45 degree standing abduction with weight plate held on thigh

The video usually changes over time as you progress. You’ll do them everyday, when you wake up or before you go to bed. Even on your normal workout days.

Why we do them?

– To boost results
– To keep you on the fitwagon on the days/weeks where you struggle to get a full workout in. Which will probably happen on your current daily schedule.


We’ll stick to the main S-curve meal structure for now.

But it will definitely change as the weeks pass.

The following is the S-curve meal structure, based on evening workouts or working a 9-5 work shift.


Carbs (Fast & slow digesting)
Protein (Fast & slow digesting)
Fats (Mono/poly-saturated)

Yup… You need all 5 at the start of the day.


Fast carbs spike your insulin (Fruit), which is 1 of 2 times of the day when it makes sense to do so

Slow carbs refeed you after a long fast (Sleep)

Slow proteins refeed you after a long fast and protect your S-curvish results throughout the day.

The fat helps to slow down digestion. It’s also 1 of 2 times of the day when you’re allowed to eat a lot fat. The other is lunch time.


Protein (Slow digesting)
Fat (Mono/poly-saturated)
Fibrous carbs (Leafy greens)
Slow carbs (Optional)

It’s all about keeping your body ticking over at this point in the day.
Go carb up if you get hungry.


Fruit, seeds and nuts

It’s all about keeping satiety at bay so that you don’t crave for ice-cream and the like… Natural tasty fruit and good fat nuts to slow digestion FTW.

Pre/Post workout

Fast protein and carbs

Simples… You need energy and protein… Quickly, to improve the effectiveness of an S-curve workout.


Slow protein
Slow carbs
Leafy greens

It’s time to feed the monster. Munch up for post workout gains. Munch up so that your gains are protected as you sleep.

Night food

Slow protein and some fat

…To protect your muscles as you sleep.

Here’s some S-curve meal to play around with <

 Give this video a watch when you get a moment

End of day meal reporting

#1 You’ll send across what you’ve been eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner, twice a week.

#2 I’ll fix and change things around if you’ve been slipping up, to keep you on track with your S-curve meal structure (below).

#3 I’ll give you alternative food options to encourage meal variety. As this plays a big part in boosting your results.

Give > this video a watch when you have a moment.