OSC Member Christine Tailored Video Series


Hi Christine

Your tailored nutrition plan < (You’ll have questions, so reply and ask when you do).

The main thing to focus on in regards to your nutrition plan…

– Just focus on ‘eating’ as the plan states… Don’t worry about the calorie amounts just yet

– When you do eat, you’re never to be ‘hungry’ after, or too full up… Just content.

The goal this month = Shred fat and feed muscle, WITHOUT… Drastically cutting calories for long periods of time + Slow-go cardio (That kills your long term results and shrinks your butt!).

This is the approach that we’ll take to get there for month #1

1) The Venus weight training workouts <

– 3 workouts a week

– 1 HIIT cardio day a week (Swimming, boxing and cycling work well)

These are heavy split routines that wack your muscles hard (Encourage growth) and focus on abs in every workout. The complete workout regime rules are on the page.

2) Exercises to do… Do one of these everyday whether you workout or not…


– Bicycles + hold + stretch + ankle weights

– Mountain climbers with ankle weights

– Running on the spot till failure with ankle weights

All body

– Single arm ski swings


– Clam

– Quadruped

What we do in month #2 will be based on what happens in month #1