Carb Cycle 'Training'? (The 99% Physique Formula)

Helloooo FitBuzzers

The end of an epic week

Due to the popularity of the Black Friday week. This will now become the official

Fit Buzz program. Now known as ‘Fit Buzz – Operation S-Curve’.




– Pull ups program (works the top of the S)

– No Nonsense Butt Building (works the bottom of the S)

– Nutritional timing from the meal plans


(In short)


Here’s a visual <<<  Courtesy of Steph.


Of course, you can still get the NNBB program ‘only’ if that’s your goal (You’ll see the

links on the page).


The next step is the upgrades, as I’ve been stating in all of the emails. So be ready,

because tackling your problem areas will become a whole lot easier.



Shredding fat and building muscle at the same time (Part 2 – The 99% Physique 



This was a question that I recently responded to from FitBuzzer Nici Konitski. The

answer that I gave was that you can do them at the same time. Which is true. You can.

But what that really means is that you manipulate your metabolisms response to

change for maximum results…. within a certain time frame. In short…


You ‘carb cycle’ train for the first phase 


Meaning that you switch between 2 different training methods for a 30 day period.


That is…


– 5 days of the core No Nonsense Butt Building program

– 5 days of the ‘Grow Your Glutes’ specialization program


For 5 days


– Eat less calories than what you worked out from the meal plans program (Or the free

lifestyle diet ebook)

– Perform NNBB *core program* workouts. These are 5 days of HIIT cardio/strength

training workouts

– Shorten the rest period between sets in your workouts

– Perform all exercises with a 6 x 6 rep/set range (Train short of failure in the last few



Your body will now be getting used to this routine (Your body changes when you give

it a powerful reason to change)


And now… we give it a BODY SHOCK!! By switching to the ‘Grow Your Glutes’



For 5 days


– Eat more calories than what you worked out from the meal plans program (More protein

and carb combined meals)

– Perform NNBB ‘Grow Your Glutes’ program workouts. These are 5 days of muscle

building workouts

– Increase the rest period between sets in your workouts

– Perform all exercises with a 3 x 8/10 rep/set range (Train to your max. Go ALL out!)

– No cardio workouts

– If you are going to take supplements at this stage, take creatine (Yes, your body

produces this naturally. But doing so can give a boost to the flow of water and nutrients

into your muscles).


This massive shock will send your hormones crazy. They’ll simply lap up all of these

nutrients at this stage. The key to reducing the build up of fat, is to simply eat totally

clean for this entire period.


For 5 days


– We switch back to fat loss training again (The cycle).


Your body will now shred fat even faster than it did before, during this cycle.


Now, this is just one tiny part of the total upgrade of the ‘now’ Fit Buzz: Operation

S-Curve program. For this particular section, it’s all about taking advantage of the bodies

natural reaction to change, for FASTER fat loss, FASTER muscle.


Which = That 99% Strong, lean and sexy physique


It’s time to take you to that place FitBuzzers, just as I explained last week.




You can practice this right away. Especially for all the new program users.




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