Become Ménage a Trios-curvish


Friend #1

Friend #2

Enter: Become ménage a trios-curvish

(New S-curve program variation)


 1 month to noticeable results

 1 shared member page/1 workout routine to follow

 You + 2 other friends

 24/7 121 coaching group chat on FB messenger

 Fat loss focus @ shred into an S-curve


The idea… Came from a discussion that I had on Friday night.

All of those ladies in that group… Have gained excess fat, because of their lifestyle.

They work a lot of hours. So for them… They need to feel like a part of something, in order for a solution to work.

That is best done. With people who they spend a lot of time with. A bit like having after work dinner and drinks with work colleagues.

But for one month. You will begin your journey to fix what you’ve always wanted to fix.

Everyone will follow one set workout routine on their phones. At home.

And there is 3 different payment links on this page.

Which means… You can start today. And if 1 or 2 other friends join in some time after.


You ↓ $100

Friend  #1 $100

Friend  #2 $100

They can… By simply adding themselves to the 121 group chat.

All they have to do, is scroll up on the chats (Or the LIVE update member page), to see what they’ve missed. Catch up… And get right into it. It doesn’t matter what time they start. The entire session will last for 1 month.

 Cost cut to $100 per person instead of $300. Because it’s group coaching chat

 Increased engagement and motivation.

 A lot more ‘fun’. And we get to talk about everything.

 Competition and challenge shenanigans increased.


If that sounds great for your current situation. Just start @ the ‘get started today’ button above. Then message (That icon in the bottom right corner of this page.

Or message first… Chat to me about it. And if you’re ready after that convo… We start.

And remember… The no.1 reason why folks succeed. Is because if the 121 coaching chats.

I can’t see any other feature of the S-curve formula, topping that, any time soon.