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Hi Becky

Welcome to your official S-curve plan

24th November 2016

Everything we do now, is via this live update page. There are no static plans any more. It’s all live. Which means…

> We change and add exercises if certain exercises cause discomfort or injury

> We change the S-curve meal structure if your daily routine changes

> We add tips, based on whatever we discuss in our 121 FB messenger coaching sessions

This page is of course structures for the long term. In terms of results, it looks like this…

Day 1 – 14 = Initial noticeable results
Day 15 – 45 = Phase 1 of your goal S-curve body (60% success)
3 – 6 months = Phase 2 of your goal S-curve body (70-80% success)
6-18 months = Phase 3 of your goal S-curve body (90100% success)

We can decide what the next step will be after the first 30 days of when you ‘actually’ start.

Anyway… Let’s get into your workouts.

Your workout

For you… You’re doing what we call, ‘shred to smexy’. You need to shred into an S-curve.

For that, it’s all about the

> S-curve bodyweight circuits <

All of the rules are on that page.

Your tailored daily exercises

The next thing you’re going to see is your first tailored daily exercises video. These are exercises that I chose for you specifically. It’s a short video, at around 2 minutes. But you’ll do this video in the morning or before you go to bed, everyday. Even on the days of your official S-curve bodyweight circuits workouts above.


> It helps to boost results (Speed/Quality)

It helps you stay on the fit wagon during hard times, when you can’t get a full workout in…

Your nutrition plan

We’re going to keep this simple… You can stick to your low carbs, since you seem to have that figured out for yourself. But it’s the S-curve meal structure that’s partly responsible for all of the results that are flying around.

It looks like this…


Carbs (Fast & slow digesting) – IGNORE
Protein (Fast & slow digesting)
Fats (Mono/poly-saturated)

Yup… You need all 5 at the start of the day.


Fast carbs spike your insulin (Fruit), which is 1 of 2 times of the day when it makes sense to do so

Slow carbs refeed you after a long fast (Sleep)

Slow proteins refeed you after a long fast and protect your S-curvish results throughout the day.

The fat helps to slow down digestion. It’s also 1 of 2 times of the day when you’re allowed to eat a lot fat. The other is lunch time.


Pre/Post workout

Fast protein and carbs

Simples… You need energy and protein… Quickly, to improve the effectiveness of an S-curve workout.


Protein (Slow digesting)
Fat (Mono/poly-saturated)
Fibrous carbs (Leafy greens)
Slow carbs (Optional) – IGNORE

It’s all about keeping your body ticking over at this point in the day.
Go carb up if you get hungry.


Fruit, seeds and nuts

It’s all about keeping satiety at bay so that you don’t crave for ice-cream and the like… Natural tasty fruit and good fat nuts to slow digestion FTW.


Slow protein
Slow carbs – IGNORE
Leafy greens

It’s time to feed the monster. Munch up for post workout gains. Munch up so that your gains are protected as you sleep.

Night food

Slow protein and some fat

…To protect your muscles as you sleep.

– We don’t focus on calories or grams at all at this stage. Simply eat until you feel content. Food types are more important. The workouts will govern how hungry you’ll get. Hence…

– No fruits at night

> Here’s some S-curve meal to play around with <

One thing you can do, over time. Is to send me the list of foods you eat, when shopping or eating out. I’ll then put them into your S-curve meal structure above via future live updates on this page.

The goal, is to get you used to the S-curve meal structure. It’s all about using those meals examples to create ideas for your own meals. We’ll dig deeper into the ‘food’ a little later on.

Nutrition will always be the big focus over the long term. So we’ll work that over time.

Facebook messenger. I’ll see you there.