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Was the first day of some S-curve members new ‘phases’.

Which meant I had to prepare them for a new plan, new results goals and just new ‘everything’.

That’s how we get things done, the pro way. That’s why everyone experienced a super first month.


This also forced me to dig through some old newsletters/ebooks/docs.

And as I was looking through, I pretty much completely forget how great some of the ebook stuff is (Since we focus on that a lot less these days).

This stuff isn’t tailored. And there isn’t much guidance either, like on today’s lifestyle/results phases.

But the stuff is very good.

Namely the meal plans and shakes.

And with fall season here, it only makes sense to share some of this stuff to coincide with Halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas.

It’s a lot of stuff. So it can’t be consumed in one day. Not even a month. I think we went content crazy around 2013. Hence…


Some examples for you…

#1 (Download)

#2 (Download)

#3 (Download)

#4 (Download)

#1 One

#2 Two

#3 Three

#4 Four

A lot has changed since those docs though. So you’ll see improvements all around.

You’ll be given the rest periodically, over time, via the stage 4 program on the lifestyle phase.

It’s the $20 a month program that automatically updates your regime/member page links with new meal plans and workouts.

It is designed for longer term members who already have member pages.

But you can start it as a new program if you want. All I have to do is set up a new member page for you and you’re good to go.