Ashley Tailored Plan Jan 2016

Hi Ashley

Welcome to the first month on the S-curve Lifestyle Challenge.

You’re in a good place, as a beginner here.


Because you’re going to get out through the proven process the first time round. No trial and error needed.


Let’s begin…


Your workouts

I’ve analyzed your current pictures. And yes… You do indeed require a shred, which is what you want.

But we also need to keep your butt.


How to avoid shrunk butt?

No slow-go cardio (Marathon style running) whatsoever!

That has proven time and time again to shrink your butt.


How to shred to smexy and keep your butt?

The absolute BEST workout program to build your butt/S-curve is the Aphrodite Butt Building training program.

It’s the program that members report back with the most butt progress.

(All video training program’s are approx 4-6 weeks long)

However… You currently have a butt. So we won’t be doing that program yet.

But we will do it in month two/three. I’ll tell you why in just a sec.


The epic butt/tiny waist bodyweight circuit

This is the routine that’ll you’ll be doing this month.

It’s designed to shred your body, but keep the S-curve shape. It specifically targets your abs, back and butt.

Everything is explained on the page below.


The epic butt/tiny waist bodyweight circuit 


You may need to switch to the Aphrodite Butt Building program for months 2/3.

This will ensure that your butt will stay the same and/or grow, guaranteed!

FYI: We change your program every 4-6 weeks.


#1 To outpace the rate at which your body adapts to change (Results will slow down otherwise).

#2 Because we’ll get more precise as the months go on. This means you’ll achieved results quicker.

You’ll see a new tab open every month right above the video on this page, where it says ‘coming soon’.


Your tailored daily exercises

(Watch the video above)

These are exercises that you need to do everyday, morning or night.


#1 To speed up your results

#2 To help you stay on the fitwagon


Your nutrition plan

This will get more precise as the months go on. But for this first month, we’ll be keeping things very simple.

All you have to do is follow the simple meals doc below.

Your simple meals (For variety)

That is 10 – 15 variations of the S-curve meal structure.

You’ll need to head to the end of the doc to view vegetarian foods and the different ways you can use the S-curve meal structure.

I’ll see you back over on Whatsapp for our on-going 121 coaching sessions.