Anaami Tailored S-curve Challenge April 2015

Your plan for April 2015

Hi Anaami

This month is all about putting you through the final ‘shred’ phases, into the ‘bulk’ phases (Becoming S-curvish).

Let’s go….

Your workouts

Week 1 – 2

Aphrodite 2.0 routine (New ‘HD’ videos are coming this month)


Aphrodite Butt Building routines

Both are high frequency (Which is what’s needed right now), yet, do hand their differences.

Week 3 – 4

The first official S-curve routine

Make sure you go heavy on these. Ignore your strength progression lifts. Just do this…

The weight is heavy enough if you’re failing at the last few reps.

Tailored daily exercises for this month

Doing them in the morning/evening works well.

Any one of the following… To failure…

– Jump squats – 2-3 sets
– Running on the spot 2 – 3 sets
– Push up > Burpee > Pull up 2 sets

Nutrition plan

Week 1-2 = Carb tapered dinners

Week 3-4 = Half carb tapered dinners

The zig zag

This is a calorie intake method that is used for situations like yours.

Effective for…

– Speeding up ‘slow’ fat loss.
– Keeping your current gains (Even your ‘non visible’ gains).
– Preventing your metabolism from slowing down.
– Breaking a plateau… Which is what we focus on every month by default via your S-curve workouts.

What to do?

– For 3 days… Increase your daily intake by 300 calories (2185).

– For the next 3 days… Decrease your daily intake by 300 calories (1585).

Your base tailored intake is of course 1885.

Continue it for 2-3 weeks.

What this really means? (Me talking to you face to face)

#1 Eat one extra meal a day (Increase days).

#2 Eat one less meal a day (Decrease days).

Just eat a little extra/less with every meal.