Anaami month 2

Your month #2 plan

Hi Anaami

Your plan is slightly different this month. So let’s get into what you’ll be doing.


Varying your foods

I’ve put a new link up in your home page. This doc will continually be updated with simple S-curve meals with varying food types. You don’t have to follow it exact. But be sure to use it to get an idea if the various food types you can be eating.

The tapering

This will continue for this month.

The workouts + Strength progression

You’ll start the epic butt/tiny waist workouts.

Epic butt/tiny waist workouts


However, you’ll officially start a strength progression month when starting this routine.

I’ve put a new link up on your home page for the strength progression guide.

This also means that the next few months will be based on lifting heavier.

Report back with anything else that’s been going on with your body.

I’ll then update this page accordingly.