Anaami Month #1

Hi Anaami

The following is what you’ll do for the next four weeks. There’ll be a new tab above once we reach month #2… Which will be your plan for the next month. This will be based on the results from month #1 (Below).

Your nutrition plan

This doc < is your main plan. However, you’re a vegetarian. So the main items of use would be…

> The various food types… You’ll need to be varied with your meals, because doing so really does help improve your results.

> Your gram amounts and daily calorie intake (Just use this as a gauge for now)

This page will soon be updated with simple S-curve meal plan, just like the one for you…


– Quinoa

– Black beans

– A fruity whey protein shake


– Potatoes

– Fresh leafy greens mixed with nuts (Any that are high in poly/mono saturates on the food label)

Pre/post workout

– Fruit

– Whey protein shake


– Wild rice = Higher in protein (Only on the days you workout)

– Chic peas


Your workouts

> Aphrodite Butt Building

Your tailored daily exercises

As stated in the video… The exercises have been chosen for YOU.

You have to do ONE exercise a day. Simply do an exercise that targets the body part you need to fix.


Your imbalance fix

– You’ll lift equal weight/sets/reps on both sides of your body WITHOUT FAIL… For the next 4-6 weeks.

– The above should fix the problem. I’ll let you know what to do next if the problem persists at the 6 week point.

Shredding your waist/belly

– You’re going to calorie taper your meals for the entire day for the next 4 weeks.

This means you’ll eat a big breakfast and gradually eat less throughout the day.

Doing this ensures that you’ll be eating less fat and carbs before you sleep.

– In addiction to that, you’re going to carb taper your dinner for 4 weeks. That means…

– No rice
– No pasta
– No wheat
– No grains
– Potatoes

3-4 hours before you sleep.

– You’ll do the bicycles ab exercise everyday. The one from your first tailored video. Wear ankle weights too. Buy them if you don’t already have them. They’ll be very useful… Especially for your home workouts.