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November 10th 2016

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Hi Alicia

Welcome to your official live update member page. Yaaay. 🙂

As stated in the video… The video above is your tailored daily exercises video. These are exercises that I have chosen for you, based on everything that’s going on with you right now.

You’ll do that video every night (At home is best), since your main workouts are done in the morning.

Now let’s get into your workout regime…

Your workouts

I skipped the test video that I talked about earlier. Because I don’t think you’ll need it. If any problems do come up with any exercises, we’ll deal with them as they come. That’s why this is a live update page.

We’re going to start with an S-curve bodyweight circuit. This is the better option than focusing on ‘cardio’.

>> The official S-curve bodyweight circuit <<

These routines last 4-6 weeks. We usually change the routine every 4-6 weeks to outpace the rate at which your body adapts to change. That’s one part of the S-curve formula that speeds up results.

Your body should shred, without shrinking your butt, by doing a routine like this. ‘Cardio’, especially slow-go cardio shrinks your butt and isn’t much of a results booster.

However… If you like doing the stair master (For example), you can do that on your ‘off days’ for fun. In fact, choosing a fun sport or activity is mandatory. Just NO SLOW-GO CARDIO ACTIVITIES. 

Like… Marathons or 2 hours in the gym.

Your nutrition

Like we discussed earlier… Your S-curve meal structure is slightly different, since you’ll be working out in the mornings.

Breakfast (Early morning/Pre workout)

Carbs (Fast digesting) = Fruit Protein (Fast digesting) = Whey protein

Post workout

Carbs (Fast digesting) = Fruit Protein (Fast digesting) = Whey protein

Breakfast ‘meal’ (Approx 1-2 hours later)

Carbs (Fast & slow digesting) = Granola/Apple Protein (Fast & slow digesting) = Egg white Fats (Mono/poly-saturated) = Yolk from eggs


Protein (Slow digesting) = Salmon Fat (Mono/poly-saturated) = Avocados Fibrous carbs = Asparagus Slow carbs (Optional) = Brown bread


Protein (Slow digesting) = Chicken breast Carbs (Slow digesting) = Brown rice Fibrous carbs = Broccoli

Late night munchies

Casein (This works best, as it’ll prepare your body for the morning workouts) or any high protein/low carb food.

– We don’t focus on calories or grams at all at this stage. Simply eat until you feel content. Food types are more important. The workouts will govern how hungry you’ll get. Hence…

– No fruits at night

> Here’s some S-curve meal to play around with <

The goal, is to get you used to the S-curve meal structure. It’s all about using those meals to create ideas for your own meals. We’ll dig deeper into the ‘food’ a little later on.

Future updates will appear below.

December 10th

You’ve started to experience a ‘noticeable’ shred. The selfie should show us where the fat is starting to drop off. But it’s time to step things up a gear.

The current routine

Is still the best routine to stay on. We will switch the routine soon. But we’re going to start doing a new + challenging tailored daily exercises video. It’ll appear below shortly.

– Knee raise > Throw over

– Push up position side to side jumps

– Leg kicks

– 45 degree abductions

Do one set of each exercise, then repeat. Put on ankle weights if you have them.


We’re going to focus on this a lot more. We usually do when the 2nd month kicks in. This is what causes all the results magic in the long term. From this day onwards, you’ll start to cut all heavy carbs in your dinner meals. But only for a short period of time. The goal is to boost the shred. Because we’re going to focus on a ‘muscle growth’ workout soon. But we can’t do it until we shred some more.

The other thing you’ll start to do, is to eat a large breakfast. Then gradually eat smaller meals as the day goes on.

You shouldn’t experience any new ‘hunger’, due to the big breakfast. If you do, you can always snack on a high protein/low fat food (Like fish). Or nuts (Walnuts/Macadamia/Pecan or any that are high in mono/poly fats and low in saturated).

Sunday 13th Feb

We’re switching to this… More details shortly.

So…. We’ve switched routines. All of the instructions are on the workout page above.

However… We haven’t switched to the this routine, for the same reasons we usually would.

We usually switch to this when we wang to focus on butt growth.

But for you, we’re switching because…

#1 It’s the ultimate regime for women who want to experience rapid changes.

#2 Because it might just challenge ‘you’, in ways that you haven’t been challenged before.

Any how… The best thing to do, is to go through the page. And then ask me any questions about it, if you have any.

Because we will most likely have to change things up along the way.

Sunday 5th March

As you can see in the video… It’s all about choosing exercises that isolate certain body parts.

In your case, your shoulders.

The switch…

Spider crawl push ups > Laying 90 degree leg kicks.

Don’t worry about the spider crawl exercise. As great as it is, many people struggle with it.

With the leg kicks, we’re still able to hit your lower abs effectively. And you won’t be using your shoulders to stabilise your body, because your body is resting on the floor. So there’s no body weight to hold up.

The only other thing to add, to increase the challenge, is super reps.

Glute bridge/Hip thrust/Quadruped hip extension.

All of those exercises involve using your shoulders to some degree.

The goal of those exercises, is to wack your butt (And the best parts of your butt), without doing squat/deadlift/lunge variations. So that you don’t put too much pressure on your knees.

But we can also achieve that by doing standing hip extension variations.

Hyper extended to be precise. As that will hit your upper butt… As that’s the hardest part to grow/change.

That’s what you’ll see in the video.

Tuesday 11th April

Strength progression test

We’re going to choose a few key exercises and focus on progressing to the most advanced variation of each exercise. You’ll become an S-curve super woman once we get there. The reason for this, is so that you can perform the advanced stuff later on. Which will of course help to boost your results. Because they’ll be harder to come by if we don’t do this. At which point, you’ll start throwing hissy fits and the like.

#1 Pull ups

Do them as a warm up exercise every time you workout. But go for max reps on your first set. And record how many you do each time. Don’t worry about how high. Just go max.

Goal = Increased chin ups/pull ups > Super rep variation > Half rep variation > Muscle ups – It’ll be crazy if you get this far.

This will also start to help shred back fat. The stronger you get, the more you’ll shred. It’ll just happen.

The shredded ‘look’ isn’t what you want. That won’t happen. Just remember that we’re shredding fat and not weight.

#2 Abs focus

The same as above.

Goal = Max rep no. bicycles > Max rep no. ankle weight bicycles > Air bicycles > Super rep and hold bicycles > Hanging bicycles

You’ll do both of these exercises regularly. It’s just a max rep test. But we’re winning once we see the numbers go up over time.

Monday 8th May

The goal is the same as what we done on Aphrodite. Which is to ‘become S-curvish’. We’re just outpacing the rate at which your body adapts to change.
We do that, by changing the style of training.
 A lot of things have changed since the creation of this program. So you’ll start to see some new text descriptions appear below the videos. However, the mandatory rules of the training style, remain the same.
 Friday 8th May
Hi Alicia
So… It happened. The S-curve results process is well on the way. We’ve shredded.
But… We have now ‘slightly’ killed one of your most desired body parts. The butt.
Not to fear… As this is very normal. As it’s not ideal to focus on shredding away fat, whilst focusing on butt growth. Besides… It’s better this way. As the shred makes your body look tighter.
What we have to do now, is simply stick to the S-curve meal structure. But instead, focus on butt growth, in a more specific way…
#1 8 hours sleep a night without fail.
#2 It’s a test… But we’ll switch back to the ABB routines again.
#3 Nutrient dense foods without fail… Everything that’s covered in this video…
#4 Increase your overall daily intake (Mostly at breakfast and lunch) and go ‘half’ heavy carbs at dinner. This will grow your butt, yet keep your waist small.
May 29th update
The tweak weeks are here…

Go ‘heavy’ every time you do this and keep the breaks between sets at 45-60 seconds. Treat the following as your new TDE activity.

– Tweak weeks hip thrust variations

3 x 8 reps each leg

– 45 degree abductions

2 x 15 reps each leg

– Single leg deadlift

2 x 10 reps each leg

Full rom leg kick with ankle weights

2 x 15 reps each leg
July 9th update
As usual… It’s always good when you come out and speak on what you’re REALLY thinking. That’s part of why things are so ‘open’ on my end. When it comes to pouring your heart felt issues out!
#1 Foods that have nutrients that are high in grams, for their type, So that we can starting hitting 80 grams of protein with fewer meals.
Tuna = (Brown bread sandwiches)
– Hazelnuts = High in protein/carbs/fiber – Is very high in good fats and is commonly high in fat… So this
would make a super day time snack if you’re busy and unable to get full meals in
Icelandic yoghurt = Go for any yoghurt that you see that’s high in protein and low in fat. I’ve added yoghurt, because it’s ‘on the go’ food.
Chicken breast = Still a killer high protein food
– Pistachio nuts = Higher in protein than other nut variations
#2 We have to start forcing the hunger again. So we’ll be tracking daily, with the following
This routine
This too… But it’s being updated.
Just stick with this. But even more important than that, is to do that new TDE regime above (Any previous ones we’ve done, or 1-2 rounds of an S-curve bodyweight circuit), every morning or night.
It might be easy to forget about that with everything you have going on. But that’s why we have the live update member page to remind you.
Because your muscle mass will fade a lot less, if you at least get a TDE in for the day. Even if you skip a day
#3 Casein… You’re already doing this, as a past recommendation. So that’s very good. Just stay consistent with it.
#4 We follow up via daily reports everyday for 7-10 days. This is the magic right here. All of the stuff above is just the stuff that you’re actually ‘doing’. But for this period in time, simply report back at the end of each day of what actually got done.
If you admit a slip up, it gets done the next day without fail!
August 13th update
Just keep these figures at the forefront of your mind, when you’re preparing meals. It’s pretty easy to add up the total grams each one, daily.
This way… We will know wether to increase or decrease specific amounts. Based on your on going results. Especially your butt ‘mass’.

Total intake for the day in grams

Protein – 141.44 grams

Carbs – 259.31 grams

Fat – 31.43 grams

What this looks like spread over 3 meals?


Protein – 43 grams

Carbs – 82 grams

Fat – 7 grams


September 21st update

First… As a reminder. Everything here is LIVE. So we switch things up based on whatever you’re going through at any given time. Nothing is static.

Now let’s get into it…

Strength progression (Intermediate)

The following…

I’ve taken into account, the fact that we’re going at an intermediate pace for this current moment in time.

I’ve also chosen exercises and a progression path that won’t ‘knock you out’ every time you do this.

To add to the simplicity… The following is also your TDE

Upper butt/Butt volume boost

#1 The clam – Increase the weight and/or reps slightly, every week. Write it down too. Ipad, phone, hand written, held by a magnet on the fridge door or whatever…

#2 Hyper extended standing hip extension with ankle weights – Slightly increase reps every week. Again, write it down


– Normal variation bicycles with ankle weights > Increased reps every week


Also… Send me the amount of reps/weight that you increase by next week.

Video will be up over the weekend.



The ongoing update food lists are here.

Just click this link when you need to look at ‘food’. It’ll be different every single week, as it’s constantly being updated.

In terms of how you should eat now?

You can use that food list for ideas and general guidance.

But just stick to A-C rated foods and hitting every meal without fail (Also, is your daily work schedule the same?)

There’s no need to go ‘super precise’ right now. Especially with all this other s*** going on around you.

Workout regime?

I’m going to choose a select few from the S-curve bodyweight circuits.

These routines will compliment what we’re doing above. It’s all about exercise selection and adding weight to some exercises.

– Spidercrawl push (To near failure) – ADD ANKLE WEIGHTS
– Knee up reverse lunge (10 reps on each leg – ADD ANKLE WEIGHTS
– Face pull > Pull apart (To near failure)
– Running on the spot variation with ankle weights (To near failure)
– Side to side push up position body jumps (To near failure)

– Knee to elbow – ADD ANKLE WEIGHTS

– Super rep side lunge 

– Switch to ordinary knee raises

– High kneeling leg lifts – ADD ANKLE WEIGHTS

– Bicycles variation – ADD ANKLE WEIGHTS

– High tension hip extension – ADD ANKLE WEIGHTS

And remember… Each update that we go through IS progress. In some way, shape or form!