A Surprising Yet Killer Exercise For Abs

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OK, I lied. That title should really say abs,

quads and core exercise.


Picture THIS <====


That’s what your goal really is. And the exercise

that will help you get there?


The Front Squat


Yep, an exercise that I know that you rarely

perform. Not because you fear it. But because

you don’t know how to execute it in the correct


”You only dislike maths because you

don’t understand it” – My old school teacher


Sorry, I just had to drop that in there, because

it totally relates… to many exercises in fact.


Annnnyway… the front squat is the exercise

to perform if you want to focus on your abs/core

without torturing yourself with a ton of useless

and back breaking exercises. It works because

you have to hold the bar/weight in front of

your body while at the same time remaining in

an upright position (Stabilizing plays its part here).


The other body part it helps to build is your quads

, because of the position you are in. Which is of

course a part of the ‘3D effect’ that I speak of

in No Nonsense Butt Building. The Fit Buzz

physique is all about the butt, abs obliques and

quads (In regards to this email). And this is one

of the exercises that will help you get there.


One other problem it will help is to reduce lower

back pain. Which I KNOW is a problem for quite a

few of you as I’ve spoken to you about it…

personally. This happens because of a continued

focus on the back squat, which requires you to

lean forward. This is why you MUST vary your

exercises. Variety is a key factor in this game

(Which I talk about in tomorrows meal plan update).


The front squat requires you to perform the

movement in an upright position, where there

is less force on your lower back (The lower weight

helps too). This is also great news for your spine,

because this is a more natural position.


This isn’t a back squat killer. No, no, nooo!!

This is the back squats partner in butt/ab/quad/

core building crime. Because it helps to improve

your technique when you perform the back squat.


There are a few other exercises that help in other

ways, all of which are included in full detailed

descriptions in the NNBB program (As well as the

front squat). All of which are carefully placed

in each of that programs workouts.


But if you’ve been stagnant in switching things up,

then make sure you add the front squat to your

weekly workout arsenal.







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