A skinnyfat body type + High lower back fat

(2-4 week starter plan 'blueprint')


We need to shred fat… Not weight.

The best way to do this is by focusing on lifting weights.

The Aphrodite Butt Building approach FTW =

– High reps (8)
– Hight sets (4)
– High exercises (7-8)
– High exercise days (4)
– Split routines (Optional)

All of your workouts should look like that.

– Running on the spot
– Woodchoppers

Do one of those exercises everyday.



That’s not the focus right now… So it can be skipped.


– Your base calorie intake should be maintained (Reply… I can give this to you).

– Super low in fat foods. In short, your food label fat readings, in one meal, should total 20 grams of fat MAX!

– The S-curve meal structure as usual

Like I said… This is a blueprint. Which means you, or anyone you show this to, needs to just put exercises and foods into the plan to make it work.

You don’t fit this body type, but want to become S-curvish?

You already know what to do… REPLY!