A day of buttstory



– S-curve member Pamela

– Full time mother

– Aug – Nov 2015 (Scroll to the bottom of the S-curve Lifestyle Challenge below)

Picture this…

You wake up every morning, looking in the mirror and think… ‘WTF’!

That’s what happened to Pam. She started on the 30 day trial program in July and didn’t look back.

Most members usually need more hand holding. But I guess Pam’s ‘can you imagine’ was just too strong. She’s still a work in progress. But the result =

– A role model for her daughter… To eat S-curvishly at an early age.

– Now gets ‘hate’ from female gym peers (They shoulda followed along with her S-curve plan).

– More confident in her own skin/own clothes.

– Happy husband 😉

– Is looking forward to bikini season!

Lower belly fat (All else looks great)

– S-curve member Anne (Morebuzz > Hall of fame)

– Mother of One

– September – October 2014

Picture this…

You’re already kinda ‘fit’ :D. The food you eat ends up ‘positively’ effecting all parts of your body… Except ya belly.

Which ultimately means you lose @ OOTD/OOTN shenanigans.

So… I trained/coached her in person, on the exact same program you go through on the SLC below. Just… The training part was in person.

6 weeks had passed, then one day, she sends in that progress pic.

The result =

– ‘What? YOU have a kid’

– It bikinis galore after that

– On going coaching happened to keep it that way, via Viber 121 coaching sessions

Fear of ageing (40+)

– S-curve member Monica (SLC page below)

– A mother

– Nov 2014 – Present day

Ya… I think it’s safe to say that you want to be a J-Lo vampire if you’re reaching the 40+ years.

Fortunately, this can be a total non-issue if you start the S-curve lifestyle from young.

The number #1 goal for her was to keep her 25-30 year old body.

Just like Pamela… She went beastmode and succeeded (And then told all of her friends/family since they kept on asking what she was ‘on’).


Everyone imagines themselves to be something better than what they are today.

These S-curve members are proof that you can do just that. What you want is totally achievable.

And that’s what ‘Become the next hall of fame butt legend’ is all about.

Happy Thurs… Reply to chat.



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