6 S-curve Blueprint Tips That Guarantee 'Butt'


#1 S-curve fat vs super low in fat meals

Your normal S-curve meal fat intake foods looks like this…

Avocados, egg yolk @ 100 grams + daily.

Super low in fat S-curve foods look like this…

Wild rice, tilapia, Skyr yoghurt @ 40 grams daily.

Doing the later for a set period of time will guarantee shrink waist + epic butt.

#2 Increasing your daily intake AND sticking to the S-curve meal structure.

The S-curve meal structure is designed for an epic butt/tiny waist. It’s as simple as that. Follow it (See Morebuzz <).

However, it may need to be tweaked based on your daily schedule. Which is what we discuss on tailored plans.

Anyhow… Your butt will grow, your waist will shrink, without an extra build up of unwanted fat IF… You do #1 AND increase your total daily intake. This simply means adding more of the same foods that you eat in your meal.

#3 Going high frequency

That’s high reps, sets, weight, exercises and workout days.

This is the no.1 training method in terms of getting butt growth results over on the S-curve Challenge (Aphrodite Butt Building).

However, this is an intermediate/Advanced training regime. So you’ll need to work up to this level if you’re a beginner.

Example lower body split routine (Since this is butt focused)

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri (4 workout days)

– Squat variation 4 x 8 reps
– Super rep clam 3 x 12 reps each leg (Alternating legs with no rest in between)
– Shoulder raised single leg hip thrust 4 x 8 reps
– Sumo deadlift 4 x 7 reps
– Resistance band adduction 4 x 10 reps each leg (Alternating)
– ‘Raised’ leg quadruped hip extension

#4 Focusing on combo AND butt targeted exercises

Your butt… It’s too big of a muscle to target on it’s own, without working other muscle groups.

But we can shift the load of the weight to get ‘near precise’ butt targeted.

Exercises such as the sumo deadlift, hyperextended hip extension variations and rep styles will do the trick.

Also… Combo exercises push your muscles to the max. This causes your muscles to ‘wake up’. That’s when they groooow.

#5 Sticking to the long term plan

This can be tough @ life, bikini season, barbecues, parties, festivals.

That’s why we have such a strong focus on hand holding via 121 coaching sessions. So that you never fall off.

But the reason why you MUST stick to it all and make every thing a ‘habitual’ lifestyle, is because you’re building lean mature muscle.

– It keeps the fat away when you’re not physically active.
– Your results won’t fade… Unless you turn into pig and eat everything you see
– It’s when you’ll achieve your absolute BEST results!

So don’t ever underestimate the saying… ‘Stick to the plan’!

#6 The selfie/belfie

I’ve saved the best till last.


Why is it the best?

Because almost everyone underestimates how powerful this is.

– You take a pic on the the first day of your regime.

– You start and do your regime for 30-90 days.

– You take a pic again and compare the two.

The comparisons are a shocker for about 90% of FitBuzzers/S-curve members.


Because you’re blind to the changes that are actually going on with your body, because you see yourself in the mirror everyday.

Just take a look at the hall of fame or S-curve Challenge Holiday Season page to see what I mean.

So get naked (Your eyes only), take ya phone out and selfie/belfie your damn self. OK!

To conclude

The only thing better than the above is a tailored plan. And if you saw Tuesdays buttletter <, you would have seen S-curve member Pam state it herself… That tweaking the original plan is what is leading to her improving results.

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