2018 prep - Thanksgiving/Fall season S-curve 121 coaching chats


That is…

Special unlimited 121 coaching chats for the next 6 weeks. Effective/Immediately from today…. November 6th. And ends on December 20th.


$200 for the entire period (15 days left to start ‘using’ Shauno :P)

+ Black Friday week STAGE 4 (Preparation for some point in 2018) as explained in > this newsletter


So ya… Starting this as soon as… Makes waaaay more sense for you.

Now… Let’s talk a little shall we… (Newsletter style).

Forget about the 2 phases for a sec. The focus is solely on 121 coaching. Since I KNOW that’s what will help you the most (This year proved it in a BIG way). Teaching you about everything and educating you about officially starting for the long term (Where you’re 1000% guaranteed to win in all areas @ life).

All via FB messenger. Which is where all the magic happens. And where all your fellow FitBuzzers turned S-curve members are right now.

Then some point in December. If all is good and well… We continue on, via a results or lifestyle phase.

Which one, will of course depend on YOU. It’ll be different for everyone. Based on the lifestyle you have.

Thanksgiving is a few weeks away (And this is my heart felt gift to you). But I know that it’ll take you about a week before you start to really see this page.

So… I’m introducing it to you early.

The fall season/Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Christmas shenanigans… Begin!


Ah… Yea… Everything that we discuss in our chats, will be updated on a member page, that you can access anywhere, at any time, on any device.



How things ‘should’ look for you when you start today

#1 This years fall season program above, until December 20th.

#2 Start a results or lifestyle phase via stage 3, at some point after that. Which can go on for 3-6-12 months.

#3 Stage 4 will kick in, whenever your stage 3 shenanigans come to an organic end.