2 butts (Each cheek will look like one butt :D)/1 waist


#1 Do these 3 types of exercise on each official workout day


– Super rep bicycles

– Hands raised mountain climbers

– Hanging half leg raises with ankle weights


– Hyper extended standing lunge

– Super rep clam


– All 4 @fitbuzz standing row variations (Ask and I’ll send)

#2 IMPORTANT: Christmas… Just like Thanksgiving… You MUST embrace the¬†inevitable feasting that is about to commence.

Because it’s a time of the year where you get to be less busy for a short while.

Which means your body will get plenty of nutrient dense munchies.

#3 Selfie and belfie (Butt selfie) yourself.


Because your imagination becomes a reality when you do this. Seriously!

#4 Put the S-curve meal structure up as a wallpaper on your phone/tablet.

We are still very much goal related on the SLC. But as we have found this year,

we have to structure these S-curve shenanigans around our daily lives.

So expect to see a lot more of ‘your life’ thrown into the S-curve formula.

Note: You can ignore the above if you’re currently on a tailored plan.




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